The Brief Explanation

Abstract/Summary Prophet Muhammad married and consummated the marriage with a physically, socially and psychologically mature lady; the definition of ‘mature’ being one that was followed in most of the world for at-least up-to the 18th century. If this statement is incorrect, then Prophet Muhammad’s marriage would be wrong according to Islamic laws themselves, before any…

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The Detailed Explanation

The Issue of Marriage between Muhammad (PBUH) & Aisha (RA) This article is a compilation of Muslim (apologist) arguments concerning the marriage. It is based on the assumption/argument that the lower estimate of lady Aisha’s age at the time of her marriage is accurate – which apparently is not an absolute certainty. One of the…

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Criticisms / Miscellaneous Points

Some Miscellaneous Additional Points From the Perspective of Lady Aisha (RA) Prophet Muhammad didn’t initiate the engagement and the consummation of marriage was in-fact urged by the bride’s father. “Aisha said: (…)’Until we arrived at Madinah, so I dwelt among the family of Abu Bakr (…) So Abu Bakr told him: ‘What prevents you from…

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